Start Sending Mass Payouts with Payoneer

Pay Affiliates, Developers, Freelancers, Designers, Hosts, Sellers, Vendors and others.

Small Business
Number of Beneficiaries
10 or more
Number of Beneficiaries
20 or more
Number of Beneficiaries
200 or more
A Better Way
to Get Paid!
Total Monthly Payouts
$10K or more
Total Monthly Payouts
$80K or more
Total Monthly Payouts
$250K or more
Enjoy low rates when receiving funds from companies worldwide

Why Payoneer?

World Class Payment Experience
Offer your beneficiaries a new experience including
a variety of payment options such as prepaid debit
MasterCard® card or Local Bank Transfers.
Funds are available worldwide in less than an hour.
Reduced Costs
Dramatically cut your transfer costs of cross-border
payments and make sure your beneficiaries are left
with more money in their hands.
Global Reach
Send payments in over 100 different currencies
to more than 200 countries, and offer your
beneficiaries customer support over chat,
email and telephone in 35 languages.